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Death vs. Disability

The truth is that during the course of your career, you are three and a half times more likely to be injured and need disability coverage than you are to die and need life insurance.

Fact: At no age is the risk of death greater than the risk of becoming disabled.

Likelihood of disability over death before age 65:




4 to 1


3.5 to 1


2.7 to 1


2.1 to 1


1.8 to 1


1.5 to 1

In the last 20 years, deaths due to the "big three" (cancer, heart attack and stroke) hove gone down significantly. But disabilities to those same three are up dramatically! Things that used to kill, now disable.

As the following chart illustrates, deaths have decreased while disabilities are up dramatically. For example, the numbers of deaths due to hypertension have decreased by 73%, yet disabilities due to hypertension have increased 70%.





down 73%

up 70%

Heart Disease 

down 28%

up 44%


down 48%

up 36%


down 27%

up 36%

All Four 

down 32%

up 55%

Nobody wants to think about it, but you must take steps to protect your family and your future from what might happen if you become disabled and could not work.

Statistical information derived from: the Society of Actuaries, the National Safety Council, the Million Dollar Round Table, the National Underwriter-May 2002, The JHA Disability Fact Book -2003/2004 Edition - Need For Disability Insurance

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